New Products


Furness Brick are please to announce a new range of 4 bricks that have been developed to to satisfy the needs of areas of the UK that require a certain style of coal fired weathered brick. These weathered products reflect bricks used in a bygone era that are no longer available through modern manufacturing processes.


Camden Yellow recreates brick that have been used in London and the South that can now only be found as reclaimed bricks.


Foundry Blend has been developed for areas of the UK that have a mixture of red burning and buff burning clay used as a blend that have weathered in time.


Langwithe Blend the development of this product is as direct result of enquires from the East coast around Lincolnshire and surrounding counties.


Ironbridge Blend although the name and the brick type are not directly used in this area it is generic to Shropshire and surrounding counties.

Camden Yellow

Foundry Blend

Langwithe Blend

Ironbridge Blend